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31 Jan 2017 10:58 - posted by Phil Tidy

BUG of 2017, another trawl of the most creative music videos recently released, with Adam Buxton as your irrepressible guide. We also welcomed a special guest Oscar Hudson, at the forefront of the emerging batch of talented directors now making music videos in the UK. In fact, he won Best New Director at the UK Music Video Awards.


Special guest: Oscar Hudson


BUG 54 programme notes 


BUG 54 Director's Cut programme notes  



Irma – Save Me

We begin the show with a video that has, in fact, been around for a couple of years, and has been successful in France, but has only just come to the BUG team’s attention. It is so clever and thoroughly uplifting, it makes a good start to proceedings tonight. It’s a one-shot video involving live video mapping and dance performance for the France-based Cameroonian singer Irma’s Save Me, directed by Xavier Maingon and Marc-Antoine Hélard.

Chelou – Halfway To Nowhere

Halfway To Nowhere by the North London-based singer-songwriter known as Chelou has inspired a sensual, devilish take on female insecurity by animator Andy Baker, bringing to life the visual universe of acclaimed illustrator Polly Nor. As with much of Nor’s work, prosaic reality meets subconscious fantasy, and a young woman transforms into a devilish nymph, confronts her demons, enjoys lyrical fun in a verdant forest, and makes peace with her imperfect self.

Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm

Among front-ranking global pop stars Katy Perry makes some of the more creative and conceptual music videos, and in the case of Chained To The Rhythm, the video, directed by regular Perry collaborator Mathew Cullen, proposes that all is not so perfect under the veneer of a retro-futuristic white-bread theme-park America. There’s a hint of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror in the portrayal of a sheep-like social media-obsessed populace amusing itself to destruction. And the look on Katy’s face when the penny drops is something to behold. Either that, or she’s just remembered she used to be married to Russell Brand.

Watsky – Stick To Your Guns

His brilliantly zany comic sensibilities and prolific output (for artists like Clipping, Thundercat and Hook N Sling) means that Carlos Lopez Estrada is a director featured regularly at BUG, and he’s here again with his latest promo for San Francisco rapper/poet George Watsky. Previously Estrada has portrayed Watsky as a hopelessly outclassed boxer in Midnight Heart and human costume doll in Brave New World. In Stick To Your Guns he’s a hapless shepherd oblivious to the deranged sheep which is eliminating the rest of his flock.

Max Cooper – Order From Chaos

British ambient/techno producer Max Cooper’s Order From Chaos has inspired an hypnotic animated work from Maxime Causeret born out of viewing the activity of micro-organisms under a microscope. With Causeret’s vision, the process of division and proliferation becomes a growing mosaic of abstract imagery, built in Houdini – software usually employed for VFX work but adapted here as an animation tool.

The Lemon Twigs – I Wanna Prove To You

In the video for The Lemon Twigs’ I Wanna Prove To You, director Nick Roney took the Twigs – teenage New York brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario – to stay with his grandparents in Utah to understand how the older couple could maintain a loving relationship for decades. With Roney introducing the clip, guiding the experiment, then finding himself frozen out as the brothers develop a familial bond with the still-groovy old folks, the video is the first of two we are showing this evening where the business of music video-making itself becomes the driving force and cause of great merriment.

ILSO - Out

Our next work is not a commissioned music video as such but a remarkable personal project by the Italian motion graphics designer/3D artist Nicola Gastaldi, who works at production company JAM here in London. He set himself a momentous challenge: to create an original gif looping animation every day for 100 days, each one abiding to certain graphic rules. Not only did he achieve his goal, but created a century of ‘Gastoloops’ of wonderful diversity within his self-imposed parameters. And now he has stitched them all into a single film, to a track by Italian electronica artist IISO.

Pissed Jeans – The Bar Is Low

American director Joe Stakun has directed music videos for bands like Future Islands and Modest Mouse, and last year made one for AJJ that was described in a tweet by YouTube as ‘the greatest music video ever made.’ That landed real satirical blows on the amazing music video feats of BUG regulars OK Go. Now he has made his fourth video for Pennsylvanian hardcore combo Pissed Jeans – with the band ‘working out’ in the gym but showing little notion of how to use the gym equipment, which leads to some conflict with the regulars.

Gilligan Moss – Choreograph

Our special guest, Oscar Hudson has made a real impact in British music videos in the past couple of years, with work for up and coming artists and bands that are bursting with ideas and conceptual challenges. It also happens to be only one aspect of his versatile output as a filmmaker. This includes making video features for The New York Times, Nowness, GQ and others, and acclaimed short films and documentaries – his short Lord & Lidl screened at the BFI London Film Festival last year.

Darwin Deez – The Mess She Made

BUG 54 Special Guest Oscar Hudson for Darwin Deez’s The Mess She Made. Darwin is merged seamlessly into a range of banknotes from numerous countries, purely through camera perspective and depth of field.

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