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BUG 52, we had one of the finest British directors working in music videos today as our special guest. Ninian Doff started five or so years ago with charming no-budget music videos fired by ingenious homemade VFX.


Now he is working with major artists like The Chemical Brothers and Run the Jewels, and this year has made a video for Miike Snow that inspired a surprising online following, and has now prompted a sequel. Ninian took us through his work and chats with Adam Buxton. 



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Vitamin X - About To Crack

We start with a short, sharp shock of hardcore punk from Dutch band Vitamin X. The song About to Crack was released back in 2012, but Brussels-based director/animator Marco Imov only completed this a few months ago: a no-holds-barred cartoon rampage by an anarchic skeleton, stoked up by a Vitamin X gig, leaving a trail of extreme mayhem in his wake.

Roisin Murphy - Whatever

Roisin Murphy's latest for Whatever takes on the convention-busting approach of her previous video for Ten Miles High, in which she turned contemporary London into her video set, hiding in plain sight in its public and secret places mostly by wearing a hi-vis jacket. Once again Roisin's guerrilla approach adds a sort of beauty to the gigantic construction site around Tottenham Court Road tube, but this time her reflections on lost love and disconnection also gets the Snapchat treatment.

DJ Shadow ft Run the Jewels -Nobody Speak

We switch to the grand, sober surroundings of the UN's Security Council for Sam Pilling's video for DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels' Nobody Speak. The representatives of the US and UK are lipsynching rap invective by Run the Jewels, directly against each other. Hurling the abuse of Killer Mike and El-P turns the so-called special relationship very sour, and chaos replaces decorum. It's both funny and scary, an impressive movie-style production actually shot in the Ukraine. But if what happens here comes to pass, we're all in big trouble.

ScHoolBoy Q - JoHn Muir

A trip through the pitiless streets of South Central LA, courtesy of California rapper ScHoolBoy Q and the directing and production unit known as Aplusfilmz — that's brothers Edwin and Fredo Tovar and Scott Fleischman. The video for JoHn Muir is a parable of the tragic consequences of gang-related crime, inspired by the directors' love of The Wire. It follows two young gangbangers roaming the city in an old El Camino, committing heinous acts as they go. Dir - Aplusfilmz.

Ralf Hildenbeutel - Disco

German film score composer Ralf Hildenbeutel has worked on several projects with director Boris Seewald, and their short film Spark, released last year, put electronic music in the context of classical dance, showcasing ballet dancers Simone Schmidt and Althea Corlett. That has led to this further project for Hildenbeutel's Disco, involving the meticulous rotoscoping of footage of Schmidt and Corlett dancing, using paint on paper. About 1250 paintings were made with stunningly beautiful and lovely results, somewhat reminiscent of Chris Milk's epic crowd-sourced Johnny Cash Project.

The White Stripes - City Lights

The White Stripes' City Lights, which failed to make it on the band's final album, but is now included on a new Jack White album of previously unreleased recordings. Gondry's ingeniously simple idea is to illustrate the song by drawing pictures on to the condensation forming on the shower's glass door, with steam erasing each image to be replaced by a new one.

Stylo G x Jacob Plant - Bike Engine

One BUG's favourite director for years Keith Scofield. His new video for Stylo G x Jacob Plant's Bike Engine looks to be following along those lines, as female legs with no body are hounded by men who have torsos but no legs-with ridiculous consequences.

Massive Attack - The Spoils ft. Hope Sandoval

After a long career making music videos for Nick Cave and others, in the past decade Australian director John Hillcoat has become a very successful director in Hollywood. His return to promos with The Spoils involves another big Hollywood player from Down Under Cate Blanchett, whose unmistakeable features are the jumping off point for a thought-provoking (and even chilling) visual essay on the transforming nature of beauty and art through the ages.

Miike Snow - Genghis Khan

Ninian Doff will join Adam on stage, for a chat about his work — in particular his array of music videos, including this one for Miike Snow which has become a viral sensation inspiring all kinds of fan art. 

Miike Snow - My Trigger

Spectial guests Ninian Doff. The phenomenal response to the Genghis Khan video deserved some kind of recognition, which has now arrived with a loose sequel to the first video, for the song My Trigger. This time our heroic protagonists are pitted against each other in another way.

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